Global education and collaborative learning are important for 21st century students. With the increased competition in the workplace due to outsourcing, the ease of global travel and communication, and the fact that in today's world we must "know our neighbors," it is imperative that our students are experienced and comfortable living and working in a global community.

Technology allows for students and educators to collaborate with others around the world. It provides a bridge that makes it as easy to communicate with someone in China as it is to communicate with someone "across town."

This is a collection of online resources that can guide educators through project-based learning and collaborative activities. Many of these resources provide opportunities for finding project partners as you plan and implement global education activities. The resources listed here are organized in ways to be of benefit to you: philosophy, tips, partners, projects, and exemplars. The last three categories relate to Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots organization. Roots & Shoots focuses on three things: care and concern for the environment, for animals, and for the human community.

Remember: global education is not "one more thing" to teach. As educators, we can find elements of our existing curriculum that can easily be adapted for collaborative studies with students and teachers in other parts of the world. Start by doing one thing...then do another. We can learn "with" the world...not just "about" the world.

Good luck with your endeavors. You will find that the relationships you form through the global activities you conduct will be life-changing. You will develop new friendships and new relationships. Your students will gain an understanding of other countries and other cultures...and the people who live there. They will find that although we are all unique in some ways in different parts of the world, we are very much the same in many ways. As you conduct global education projects, the energy and excitement of your students will guide your work and motivate everyone involved.

Happy "travels!"


Created by Julene Reed